Diogo Akio is an independent designer & art director crafting digital experiences

Diogo Akio is a digital designer & art director crafting digital experiences.

After 14 years in the design and communication industry working with several major agencies and brands, he has been partnering with clients in creative and cultural fields such as architecture, furniture, fashion, arts, food and other.


His work is perceived by simplicity, sophistication and well crafted design solutions allied to functional and strategic ideas. Focused mainly on digital, he aims at design as an universal tool that dialogues with other environments and disciplines.

Although he gathered an extensive knowledge on best practices in digital design, he is interested in adding details that challenges conventions that often segregate design, such as print vs. digital, interactive (user) vs. non-interactive (spectator), static vs. animated, functional vs. emotional.

Currently, he works remotely in projects that cross international borders or that are just a few blocks away.
He believes that people always come first and successful projects are possible when made in a collaborative, respectful and curious way.

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